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social Networking

social Networking

Building your online presence...it's easier than you think.

If you're in business and using Facebook to promote that business, that's a great start. However, what will happen to your business when Facebook is no longer in existence? Where will all your friends or fans go? If you're using Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, or other social media networks to build your business without driving that traffic back to your website, you're putting money into a no-interest bank account. You're renting. Alternatively, for the same effort, you could be watching your business grow at exponential rates just by setting up your networks properly. You could own!

Every business owner should be utilizing the power of social media to drive traffic back to their website. As with every business owner, time is a limiting factor, but you can very easily post to all your social media networks--Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube, Blog, etc--on the fly. It's easier than you think.

Building a business online is much like building a business in a brick and mortar store. Over time, your business builds momentum because people know where to find you. This concept is even more powerful on the Internet because browsers, like Google, reward you for the ongoing traffic, inbound links, and quality visitors--all the things that social media provides. However, you must set it up properly.

Social Network Customization

The most successful Facebook fan pages are the ones that have been customized. They include modified landing pages, which encourage visitors to take advantage of a special discount or deal, offered only to those who LIKE the page, before sending them to the main wall. Many include special tabs for coupons, and some even run regular contests. The page can be colorful, bright and engaging - much like a little website contained within the social media platform.

In fact, they make it possible to continue your company's branding efforts right inside Facebook... making your fan page a natural extension of your main website. Contact us to customize your Facebook and Twitter pages.